Since 1986, Smaby Group has built an international reputation providing superior market intelligence and strategic advisory services to high-growth technology companies.

Smaby Group's strategic advisory practice focuses on building successful new ventures. Whether we're advising a Fortune 500 or barebones start-up, we serve as a Venture Catalyst; assisting new venture executives with highly focused and tailored strategic advisory expertise. Our mission is to help forward-thinking business builders explore and exploit emerging market opportunities. Along the way, we provide the executives leading the charge with timely market intelligence, insightful analysis, and seasoned advice to help them guide a promising new venture.

Our competitive edge is the ability to blend hands-on venturing experience with a keen awareness of business and technological trends that are reshaping the target market landscape. Our entrepreneurial clients may use us for critical startup matters such as company formation, business model definition, corporate positioning, business strategies, strategic planning, valuations, and fund raising.

Corporate intrapreneurs, on the other hand, often direct our energies toward internal issues, such as dealing with management structures or corporate cultures that foster new ventures. We help those clients leverage the benefits of being a big corporation while learning to think, act and compete like the nimble and scrappy start-ups they'll meet in the marketplace.


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